What type of gas is used for cooking?

The gas used for cooking is called Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG  or LP gas) and is also referred to as propane or  butane

Is the smoke from firewood really harmful?

Smoke from firewood can contain gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide as well as particulate matter that are unhealthy to humans

Can people die from exposure to bad fuel?

Up to 98,000 women in Nigeria die every year from exposure to firewood smoke and other dirty fuel

Can I afford to use gas?

Gas is now cheaper than Firewood, Kerosene, or Charcoal

Does using gas make one smarter?

Yes, when you upgrade to gas, you save money, time and you cook faster

Can I keep my windows closed when cooking with gas?

Please keep the windows open to ventilate your kitchen.

What kind of kitchen utensils should I not use around the gas flame?

Do not place flammable or plastic items near the flame

Can I be somewhere else while my food is on the gas cooker?

Do not leave your cooking unattended to.

Once I am done cooking, how do I ensure that my gas is totally off?

Turn the regulator knob on your cylinderto the OFF position when cylinder is not in use.

What is the safest way to position my gas cooker?

Always put your cylinder in an upright position and in a well ventilated area

Can my children play around the gas while I am cooking?

Do not allow children play beside gas.

What should I do if I notice a gas leak?

Turn the knob on the cylinder to the off position. Remove the cylinder from the kitchen immediately and call a professional (Gas cylinder installer/Fire & Safety official) to help